Studio Policies

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Revolution Dance Center
Basic Policies as of July 2017
(please see for updates & additional information)
Specific Summer policies are noted on back of Summer Teen, Level and Adult Class Schedule

If you register for and take a space in a class, you are committed to, and agree to pay tuition for, that class until either the end of the session or you drop the class by completing a Class Cancellation Form. Single classes may be available, if not full, without commitment for a fee. If you request to be added to the class, you are REGISTERED for the class.

Registration Fees: Each student will be charged a non-refundable annual registration fee payable in September, or upon registration. Discounts may be given for multiple students in a single family. Single Class fees will be higher if the registration fee is not paid but single classes may not be available if the class is full and there is no guarantee of future space. Registration fees are not prorated.

Tuition: Fees for class may be paid by the month or by the class. If the class is not full, per class fees are higher and there is no guarantee of space from week to week. Monthly tuition charges for School Year Sessions are based on the total number of weeks in each session (September through June)- 4 week months from September through May (including December) and 2 weeks in June. Costume week and Picture week classes are charged as regular classes. If your child is participating in recital, you are committing to attend class and pay tuition through June. Tuition may be paid in advance however, there are no refunds on pre-paid amounts of any kind.

Because of different school calendars, RDC does not close for a spring break and no credits will be given for school vacations or holidays. Monthly tuition rates are not affected by holidays or school vacations. When the studio is closed for the weekends of Thanksgiving (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and Memorial Day (Friday, Saturday, and Monday), student accounts will be credited for classes missed on those days. Credits are issued at $13.75 per 45 minute class, $14.50 per 55 minute class, $21.25 per 85 minute class and $26.25 per 115 minute class. No credits are issued for students on Unlimited class fees. No credits are given for missed classes during a month that are not made up.

Tuition fees are billed and due on the first calendar day of the month. Because we hold a space for your child in a class as of the first calendar day of the month, classes not cancelled before the 1st calendar day of the month (not the first class meeting of the month) will be charged for the full month. Tuition bills will not be mailed or emailed to student’s homes. Tuition can be paid by cash, check or credit card. RDC reserves the right to have dancers sit out of classes, without make ups, if their account has any outstanding balances until the account is paid in full.


Class Cancellation: Classes may be cancelled at any time but classes not cancelled before the 1st calendar day of the month (not the first class meeting of the month) will be charged for the full month. If you want to cancel a class, you must complete a Class Cancellation Notice, sign it and bring the original to the studio. The cancellation will be effective as of the next calendar month. Non-attendance in a class is NOT considered notice that you want to cancel a class. No cancellations will be taken by phone or by email. Cancellations for January 2018 must be received by Sat. December 16, 2017.

Auto Debit: Discounted tuition is available if a parent signs an authorization at the studio to allow RDC to automatically charge a credit card each month for tuition. The card will be charged between the 1st and 10th of each month, not a particular date. If you want to stop auto debit, you must advise the Front Desk in person before the 1st calendar day of any calendar month. If auto debits rejects for any reason, late charges will apply and fee discounts may be withdrawn at the discretion of management . You must separately authorize non-tuition charges (POS, store, recital fees and costumes). New auto debit forms are required each session (School year and summer). Auto Debit forms are shredded at the end of each session. YOU CANNOT SIGN UP FOR AUTODEBIT ONLINE, you must complete a form AT THE STUDIO.

Charge Accounts: Dancers over the age of 10 are allowed to “charge” drinks and snacks on their parent’s RDC account unless the parent denies the privilege. If you do not want your dancer to be able to charge drinks or snacks, please let the front desk know. Parents are responsible for all charges on their accounts. In some instances, adults may be allowed to “charge” RDC store items to their accounts for later payment. This privilege may be revoked or withheld at anytime at the discretion of management.  If you are on autodebit and asked NOT to have your card charged for store charges, you must pay the store charges separetely.

Recital Fees : Recital Performance Fees and costume charges, if the student is participating, will be due by a particular deadline (generally early December and January). The deadline will be posted IN ADVANCE at the studio, in the monthly on-line newsletter and on the Website. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to keep informed on these and other due dates.

Other Fee Policies: All fees (tuition, registration fees, recital performance fees, costume fees, and tickets) are non-refundable. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before costumes are handed out and before any student can perform in the Recital.  Summer class deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. All unpaid charges as of the 15th of each month are subject to late charge of $10. All accounts must be paid in full before registering for the next session. Accounts with a history of non-payment may be barred from registration and may be asked to leave the studio or may be asked to prepay tuition.

Make Up Policy: Any missed classes may be made up by attending a class of same level or lower and same age range only within the same calendar month. If the dancer misses classes in the last week of a calendar month, the dancer may make up the class in the following calendar month. No credits or refunds are given for missed classes. RDC is not responsible for tracking missed classes. Students may not make up more than twice in the exact same class. To make up a class, get a make up slip from the front desk before class. There are no makeups for classes missed because of holidays, for Unlimited dancers, or for classes missed in a past calendar month.  Make ups cannot be done by siblings or friends. Please see separate Make Up policies for our Summer Programs. In School Year sessions, Make ups classes cannot be done after the start of Costume Week.

Parents, friends and younger siblings are NOT allowed in classrooms during class; it helps students keep focused without distraction. The studio’s large waiting areas accommodate parents & siblings who would like to view their children’s classes on live-feed monitors.


No Dancer will be admitted to class if they arrive 10 or more minutes after the class start time. If your child is more than 10 minutes late to class, you will need to do a make up for that class during the same calendar month.


If your child has a behavioral issue or special need, please advise the front desk.   If your child has an injury or illness that a physician has suggested he or she be limited from physical activity, you must provide a doctor’s note to hold a space in a class without billing AND your child must be cleared by the same physician in writing to return to dance. If your child has a cast, crutches, brace etc., your child will not be allowed to participate in dance without written clearance from a physician. No refunds or credits will be given for injuries after the child is authorized to return to class.


If your child is in a full class and your child has not attended the class for 3 consecutive weeks without a parent request and payment to maintain his or her space, your child may be dropped from a class to allow others to participate without a refund or credit for tuition paid or owed.


All parents and students are expected to read and comply with all studio policies, procedures, newsletters (available via e-mail and on the website), and recital requirements available on the RDC’s website and at the studio. RDC’s website is located at