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Welcome to RDC’s Online Registration And Parent Portal

For Online Registration or to Set Up a New Account  – PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE REGISTERING
School Year 2017/2018 registration is open now – Session begins, Tuesday September 5th.

Once you have completed the online registration process, please review and confirm your selections.  You will then get an e-mail acknowledging your submission.  Once your registration has been processed, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail and then you are registered for class, camp or intensive AND you must pay a 25% deposit to hold the space in the requested class, camp or intensive.  We will try to process all on-line registrations same day but please note that during a regular business week, it may take 24 to 48 hours for an on-line registration to be processed and confirmed. Over a weekend or holiday , it may take 48 to 36 hours to process the on-line registration. Online Registrations are processed in the order received and are generally processed at the end of the business day.

Some important information to review BEFORE you register on-line –

  1. Classes & Programs Available . Check the posted on-line schedule for classes.

Class Schedule for School year 2017/2018 –
RDC School Year Classes 2-12yrs                 RDC School Year Classes 13yrs. & Up

  1. Placement and Ages. Our classes are broken down by age of dancer as of January 1st. Level Classes are for dancers 13 years and older only. After meeting age criteria, anyone can enroll in beginning class. If a class has an *(Levels 3 and above and our Level Ballet program), you will need to attend a placement class with the specific director and be placed in the right level. If you are taking classes at RDC now, you can check with the Front desk to see what level you have be approved for by dance type. If you are new to RDC or have not been approved for the level you enroll in online, you will receive an email telling you that you need to take a placement class and will NOT be enrolled in that class.  If you are approved to enroll in a Level Ballet class, these classes meet multiple times per week and you must enroll in and attend all those classes. Placement decisions for Ballet are done by our Ballet Directors – Kelly Alvarez and Zareh Markarian; Placement decisions for Jazz, Lyrical, Broadway and Turns & Leaps are done by our Jazz & Lyrical Director – Hilary Pawlik; Placement decisions for Tap are done by our Studio Director – Julie Kay Stallcup or our Tap Director Zach Saunders. If you think your child is ready for an Advanced TBJ class or an Intermediate or Advanced class, your child’s enrollment must be approved by the appropriate director.  Because Hip Hop is very stylized, admission into one of Jason’s Intermediate or Advanced Hip Hop classes or Level 2 Hip Hop or above requires the dancer to have taken at least one year of Hip Hop from Jason and Jason’s consent to be in the particular class.
  2. Class Fees. (Click here for current fees & policies). Your credit card will be charged the non-refundable registration fee as soon as your registration is processed and then your credit card information is deleted. Autodebit/Discounted tuition is available but you will need to complete a WHITE AUTODEBIT FORM at the studio for our SCHOOL YEAR 2017/2018 SESSION. Due to new federal laws about privacy and financial information, there is no online auto debit enrollment and no credit card information provided for deposits is held on file.  If you were on autodebit with RDC for the school year, it does not carry over to the following year.  All credit card information is deleted at the end of each session.
  3. Studio Policies . Review the fee policies including RDC’s payment terms, make up, dress code and non-refundable deposit and tuition policies.  The credit card you enter to process your registration will be charged the non-refundable deposit at the time of registration processing and is then deleted.   Class Tuition is billed AND DUE on the 1st day of each session. NO BILLS OR STATEMENTS WILL BE MAILED. A Late fee will apply on the 15th of each month if there are amounts outstanding.

By completing the on-line registration, you have read and are agreeing to be bound by RDC’s tuition, fees, make-up and no refund/no credit policies for the session & classes that you are registering for and general RDC policies.

To continue to register, Click Here – RDC Online Registration

Please be patient, the online system may not be super fast – there is quite a lot of information to process. Depending upon your internet browser or the type of internet connection you have (DSL, Cable etc.), information speeds may differ. Our software system works best with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. We thank you for your patience.