Do you have a dress code?

Yes – RDC has a dress code –  Photos of acceptable dance attire are posted in each lobby.  Please see below for basic information.


Ballet Class Dress Code –

GIRLS – leotard (color is based on level below), seek matching ballet skirts, discount pink tights and ballet shoes.  Hair must be in a secure bun. No booty shorts, no sports bras and no bra straps showing.

PrePrimary & Primary (Ages 3-4 and 5-6) – Any light pink leotard and Pink skirt (style S9010)
Level 1 (Ages 7-9 years) – Capezio Garnet or Burgundy Leotard (style CC202) and burgundy skirt (style TH5109)
Level 2 (Ages 10-12 years) – Capezio Royal Leotard (style CC202) and royal skirt (style TH5109)
Level 2 Teen (13+) – Any Black leotard – prefer Capezio style CC202 and black skirt (style TH5109)
Level 3 Ballet – Any black leotard – ABT ABT03 Skirt in Coral
Level 4 Ballet – Any black leotard – ABT ABT03 Skirt in China Blue
Level 5A Ballet – Any black leotard – ABT ABT03 Skirt in Violet
Level 5B Ballet – Any black leotard and any colored skirt
RBC Jr – ABT02  leotard in Magenta with matching Skirt
Teen RBC – ABT04 leotard in Royal with matching skirt
RBC Sr. – ABT04 leotard in black with matching skirt.

All required leotards, skirts, tights and ballet shoes are available in the RDC Store at 2287 Honolulu Avenue (RDC Main).  RDC does NOT sell pointe shoes but we can refer you to local merchants.

BOYS:  Black ballet shoes
Age 12 and under – tight white or black t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants
Ages 13 and up – Tight white or black t-shirt and black tights and dance belt
Boys dancewear can be special ordered at RDC Main or we can refer you to local merchants.  Please allow 2 weeks for special orders.