Do you have a waiting room?

Yes.  In both the Main Studio and RDC East, RDC has a waiting room with couches and tables.  Please be courteous to others in the waiting room.

NO – Running, Climbing/Standing on Furniture, Screaming or Yelling, Roughhousing, Throwing toys or books. Parents must remain with and supervise their children who are not in a dance class at all times.

At RDC East, there are two waiting rooms – Studio E’s is downstairs on the same level as the studio.  Studio F, G, & H have a waiting room outside their studios at RDC East. The RDC East building has many tenants , please do not allow your children to play in the building lobby or play in or around the elevators.  Bathrooms are located on both the 1st (Studio E) and 2nd floors.  The RDC East front desk is on the Second Floor.

Please ask for assistance before entering the RDC store and NO UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN IN THE RDC store. No one under the age of 18 is allowed behind the Front Desk, unless they are an employee of RDC and are working. Monitors are provided in the lounges to view class. Please do not enter a class unless invited by the teacher. Shoes, backpacks and bags should be placed in the lounge cubbies. Children may sit on the lounge floor, but there must be enough room for exiting or walking through the lounge area. The Faculty Lounge and office are for faculty and staff ONLY.  Please respect these areas.