Does RDC enforce its Dress Code?

Yes – Revolution Dance Center enforces a strict dress code to promote safety, discipline and uniformity in its classes.  Proper dress allows instructors to view proper body alignment and muscle use.  Dancers who do not dress appropriately in class will be issued a reminder card.  If more than one incident occurs, dancer will be invited to observe class or go home.  Parents may be called.
Dance shoes should not be worn outside the studio at any time.
Socks alone are NOT allowed in ANY CLASS
Students must be covered from shoulder to lower hip at all times – No midriff showing – you may be asked to wear a studio tshirt to cover up.

For the safety of our dancers, we ask that NO JEWELRY be worn inside the classroom.
Please note that Dancers not respecting the Studio Dress Code will (1) be given a reminder card and (2) asked to observe class with no make up being issued. 

Click here to download RDC’s Basic Dress Code Basic Studio Dress Code 1617