What is Auto Debit?

Auto debit is a way to reduce your monthly class fees and make it easier to pay for classes, store charges and recital costumes.
Auto debit forms are only valid for a particular session.  Once the session has ended, all autodebit forms for that session are shredded and credit card information is deleted from RDC’s system.  You must complete a new autodebit form AT THE STUDIO each and every session and you cannot sign up for Auto debit online – it is IN STUDIO ONLY.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Dancer’s monthly tuition can be automatically debited from a credit card between the 1 st and 10 th of each month – but not a specific date. Discounted Monthly Tuition fees will apply (a general savings of $5.00 per month). If auto debits rejects for any reason, fee discounts may be withdrawn at the discretion of management. You must separately authorize non-tuition charges (POS, store, recital fees and costumes).