What is RDC’s Make Up Policy?

School Year Session Make Up Policy.   Any missed classes may be made up by attending a class of same level or lower and same age range within the same calendar month. If the dancer miss classes in the last week of a calendar month, the dancer may make up the class before the 15 th of the following calendar month. If you are making up a class, you must go to the front desk and get a make-up slip to give the teacher.   Students may NOT make up more than twice in the exact same class.  No credits or refunds are given for missed classes. It is the dancers’ responsibility to track missed classes (including dates missed). The front desk will verify the missed class prior to granting a makeup.

There are no makeups for classes missed because of holidays, for Unlimited dancers, or for classes missed in any other calendar month.

Summer Make Up Policy  RDC has two sessions in the summer – July and August.  Dance Classes missed during one of the summer sessions may only be made up in that session – July classes in the month of July OR August classes in the month of August.  No make ups of School Year session classes during summer and no carrying of Summer class make ups to the School Year session or any other summer session.  Camps and Intensives days can not be made up and there is no refunds or credits for classes, camps or intensives missed but not made up.

If you know you are going to miss a class, you can make it up earlier in the month too.

If you need to make up a class, please come to the front desk to get a “Make Up” slip to bring in to class.