Why Do You Have Placement Classes?

Why Should My Child Be Evaluated?

Every studio has different class level structures, so if you have had previous instruction elsewhere those class “levels” are not necessarily comparable to RDCs level structure. Students with prior dance experience are evaluated upon arrival at Revolution Dance Center by one of our dance discipline directors so that they can be placed in the correct level based on RDC’s teaching methods and student progression. We believe it is extremely important that your child gets the very best training so they can grow at their speed. We want our students to be challenged but not frustrated or overwhelmed.

Class Placement
Students are placed in classes according to what they have accomplished (the skills that they have learned) during the years they have studied dance. Dedication and natural ability are also considered. When a new student transfers to our studio, it may be advisable for the student to attend several different types of classes in order to determine which dance style class is the best fit. At RDC, we offer six levels of most classes from Beginner (Level 1 for ages 13+) to Elite (Level 6). If a dancer would like to take a class that is Level 3 or higher (Level 2 for Hip Hop) or is designated as Intermediate or Advanced, Level B OR C Ballet for ages 13 and under or Teens or with an * on the schedule, we require them to take a placement class with the specific director of that program. After that class, your child will be recommended for a class level based on the skills, terminology and performance ability they have already achieved. Regardless of age, dancers in each level class will be at the same dance level. Dancers are not “stuck” in any level for a specific length of time. Dancers may be reevaluated at any time during the year and may be moved to a higher level during the year. Some dancers develop skills at a quicker pace, so we want to make sure they are challenged and guided to reach their highest potential. Directors have specific schedule of placement classes at the Front Desk.

For more information about our Placement Classes and Levels, please see the attached information sheet – Class Evaluation Information

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