Recital tickets go on sale march 13th at 7:00am Pacific standard time!  Click the link below to purchase tickets. if you have any problems purchasing tickets, do not call the studio! You must call Tutu tix directly at (435) 222-2849

Recital 2017 Ticket Sales

What show is my child in?  Click the link below to find out which show your kid is performing in for ticket purchasing.

recital shows and costume prices

would you like to be a backstage mom at recital for your childs class? Use the link below to sign up! space is limited & not guaranteed.

Backstage Mom Signup

summer class registration begins march 6th online or in person.  please click links below for schedule.  use the online registration tab located above.

RDC 2-12yrs summer 2017                              Level Classes Summer 2017

Welcome to Revolution Dance Center! we have classes for ages 18 months to adult classes in all styles. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, modern, musical theater dance, Lyrical/Contemporary & Hip Hop. Have a look around & feel free to contact us with any questions. – Dance Happy!

Sign ups for our 11th annual dance recital “Rhythm & Sole” are now closed. click on recital page for more information and possible late signups.

most ongoing classes are now closed.  the following classes may be available for new enrollment.  Please check with the front desk.

Non Recital Classes at RDC-
Mon 2:30 Minirevolution with Jenna
Mon 6:30 *10-12yrs Adv. Turns & Leaps with Alison
Mon 8:30 Adult Ballet with Kelly
Tues 4:30 7-9 yrs Beg. Turns & Leaps with MJK
Tues 6:30 10-12 yrs Ballet & Jazz with Fred
Tues 6:30 Level 1 Turns & Leaps (13+) with Zareh
Tues 7:30 10-12 yrs Beg. Turns & Leaps with Fred
Tues 7:30 Level 2 Turns & Leaps (13+) with Zareh
Wed 10:30am Mommy & Me with Amanda
Wed 4:30 7-9 yrs Beg. Turns & Leaps with Allison
Wed 8:30 Level 1 Hip Hop (13+) with Brim
Thur 3:30 Totrevolution Hip Hop (ages 3-4) with Liz
Thur 4:30 Totrevolution Tap & Ballet (ages 3-4) with Chelsea
Thur 5:30 *7-9 yrs Int. Turns & Leaps with Fred
Thur 6:30 Level 2 Jazz with Fred/Zareh
Thur 7:30 *Level 2C Teen Ballet (13+) with Bondy
Thur 7:30 *Level 3 & 4 Turns & Leaps with Elizabeth
Thur 8:30 Adult Hip Hop with Jason
Fri 3:30 *10-12 yrs Int. Turns & Leaps with Megan S.
Fri 4:30 *7-9 yrs Int. Turns & Leaps with Eric
Fri 5:30 Totrevolution Tap & Ballet (ages 3-4) with Amanda
Fri 5:30 Kinderevolution Tap & Ballet (ages 5-6) with Chelsea
Fri 6:30 10-12 yrs Beg. Turns & Leaps with Amanda
Sat 10:30am Totrevolution Hip Hop (ages 3-4) with Malia

current schedule

Fall Schedule 2-12yrs.                    Fall Schedule 13yrs. & Up

questions – give us a call or send us an email through the website.